Lesbian Stories: Lesbian Secrets......

I've always been attracted to woman, but never thought that i would actually be with one. I've always dated men.....and i've been told that i'm very attractive. I've got long brown hair, hazel eyes, very sporty. 

It was during my matrix holiday, when i met *Kelly* . 
Me and my friends were out clubbing. I had one to many drinks and was dancing on the dancefloor, when i saw this extremely hot girl on the dancefloor next to me. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She had long black hair, the most blue'est eyes and oh my word....the nicest soft pink lips ever. And not to speak about her stunning body. I went to the bar for a drink and when i returned to the dancefloor she was gone. 

"what a bummer" i said to myself. 

I was dancing with a group of my friends thinking about her and looking around the club in seach of her. After about 30 min i gave.

The next thing i feel somebody standing behind me, and holding my hips (underneath my shirt). Her hands were so soft, I could feel her boobs pressing against my back. I could smell her sweet perfume. I wanted to turn around, but she forced me back, and held me tight against her. Her one hand moved across my stomach as she drew me closer to her.

" you're hot, can i get you something to cool you down?"
A shot pain went through my body as her lips slightly touched my ear she was whispering in.

Still not knowing who this person was, i turned around facing her.....oh my god was her! She looked even more hotter up close. She stood infront of me smiling, and a shiver went down my back. I wanted to grab her right there!

"Wow.....ummm thanx" i said. * Stupid * i thought!!
I was so stunned at her beauty, and feeling shocked and shy that i couldn't think of anything else to say. She just kept smiling at me, shrugged her shoulders, turned around and walked away. Let me just say that all of this happened in 20 seconds.

* Dammit * How thought.... She must think i'm so rude.
I saw her walking to the bar, and wanted to run after her, but i was to shy. And what would my friends say, because they saw the whole thing.

"what was that all about?" one friend asked me

"i dont know....she.... she ummm....she thought i was someone else she knew" i struggled to speak.

"she looked like she wanted you" my friend said laughing

"no man...." i said back. 

I just laughed and made a joke about it, knowing that i so desperately wanted to be with her. I still kept my eyes on her every move. When i saw her going to the bathroom, i couldn't resist the urge just to get close to het again, so i followed her to the bathroom. When i got to the bathroom she was in one of the toilet stalls. I waited for her. When the door opened, i quickly turned around and pretended to wash my hands. * so corny *. 

"hi. i'm kel" she said, introducing herself.

" Addi, my names Addi"

Her smile shot another pain through my body, and i could feel my face burning up.

"are you having a good time? she asked

"yeah, thanx..." "and you?" i replied

"yip....i'm having a great time....better than i expected"
she said with a wink....

Again my shyness got hold of me and i couldn't think of anything to say. I could think of a million things i wanted to do to her....but not one thing to say. 

I was so nervous....and she knew it. Before i could say anything again she chipped in. Thank goodness for that.

"You still look hot....let me just help you cool down"
She said while lifting my hair from my neck with her one hand. Her other hand was scooping up some water, moving it up towards my neck, and dripping the cold water down my neck. I could feel the water running down my back. She scooped up another hand full of water and did the same, this time rubbing her cold hand in my neck, cooling me down.
I dont think the water helped me to cool down, cause i was firing up inside......almost braking out a sweat. She let go of my hair.

"Now ..... that's better" she said 

* oh my word * i thought * this girl is gorgeous!!

I just smiled.

"you blushing......" she giggled

"ummm no i'm not, it's hot in here" i said

"yes....with you in the room it is" she said

Again i could feel my face burning up, even more than before! She giggled. She just loved playing and flirting with me. I turned around and walked into the stall she came out and closed the door behind me. I just stood there....shocked. I was so nervous and my heart was beating like a thousand drums. I could hear other girl in the bathroom and when everything was quite, i opened the door tinking that everone was gone (including kelly), but she was standing right ouside the stall door.

She pushed me slowly back into the stall and closed the door behind her. Her eyes looked into mine and my body froze. I couldn't move. She pressd herself up against me and whispered into my ear.

"why dont you say all the things you are thinking?"


She grabbed me around my waist, pulling me up close to her.... and nibble my ear. A shock went through my body, as a soft moan came from my mouth. My body was tense and frozen.

"relax hun" she said

And with that she pushed me against the wall, grabbed me behind the neck and kissed me. Her lips felt and tasted like nothing i tasted before.....and it was good. Goosebumps went straight through my body. I could feel my nipples getting hard and that shot pain in my pussy. I was already dripping wet. I wish i could lift up my hands to touch her, but my hands were hanging numb next to my body.

"Addi....Addi you in here?" i heard someone call me

Kelly pulled away and put her hand over my mouth.


When my friend left the bathroom, Kelly reach into her handbag and took out a marker. She lifted my shirt slightly and wrote something on my stomach. Still i was too numb to look down. She looked up into my eyes again, smiled....gave me a peck on the cheeck and said. "see you out there"

I just stood there for a few seconds to catch my breath. She was amazing. 

When i got out to the dancefloor i looked around for her, but couldn'd find her. My friends wanted to leave, but i told them that i'm still in a party mood (actually i was just hoping to see kelly again). I looke everywhere for her....and then after a while i realised she was gone.
I then sadly went home.

That night i couldn't sleep.... Only after i masturbated, thinking of Kelly...i drifted of onto a deep sleep.
The next morning i woke up. We decided to spend the day one the beach. I had the biggest hangover, but still i wanted to go to the beach. I just firts wanted to shower, because i was smelling like booze and smoke from the night before.
It was then when i saw what Kelly wrote on my stomach.

*phone me 077 82......... with a heart* 

"SHIT" i said out load. I couln't see the last 5 digits, because it was already washed away. *FUCKKKK* i thought!!!

Sadly i went to the beach with my friend. Spending most of the time underneath the umbrella. The sun was toooo hot for my hangover.

"Addi... you're girlfriend is coming over" said one of my friends. Joking and laughing.

I looked up and there she was. Looking so hot in her bikini.
She saw me and smiled.