Lesbian Trouble In College

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been online in a long time. Moving into college takes some time. Good news is I love all my classes and also all my new friends! Everyone is really nice so far haven't met anyone that's completely intolerable. OK that's a lie but no one worth mentioning you know ^.^ Anyway!

So I bet you are all wondering what the TROUBLE at college is? Well here it is. You all know my girlfriend Ashley is in Arizona and we have been dieing to see more of each other then just on web cam through skype. Or I think you all knew that, if not SURPRISE! Anyway she is a really awesome girl and I like her a lot. Enough to drive across the country to at least see her in person. So every time I talk to her, I feel closer and closer to her besides the distance. Now at college, I have gotten kinda busy and it has been harder to keep in contact with her.

During the few weeks I have been here I only talk to her twice. To get back on track I met a really nice girl that lives two floors in a dorm above me. She is really sweet and very pretty, likes a lot of the stuff I do. Cool right? So I was flirting with her a bit and before I knew it I was more then flirting. I was actually starting to like her. Walking her back to her room and hugging a lot. She has long blond wavy hair so you see why I couldn't resist.

After a few days I earned a kiss from her. I was so damn happy then 2 seconds later my friend Jordan reminded me about Ashely right in front of Victoria. She wasn't mad or anything, but I was horrified. I couldn't believe I forgot about my Ashely. I haven't talked to Ash about it yet. I want to tell her the truth but haven't convinced myself to do it. What do I do? I like them both a lot and I am NOT ok with cheating. I will never let myself date two people at the same time, its wrong.

But now what do I do? I could use some feed back people ^.^ I respect your advice tehe